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Fashion Designer Targets African Market!

Fashion Designer Targets African Market!

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Local designer and founder of Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve, says he wants to conquer Africa with his fashion designs.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, the youthful designer said his Nzeve designs were inspired by Western varieties.

“I started designing in my home town, Chitungwiza, and at that time I could not sew, so I would give my designs to a tailor, but now I do formal, casual, streetwear and sportswear on my own,” he said.

“Though I am a youthful designer, l also work with the elderly because my designs are not limited by age gaps. My designs are peculiar and they represent only me, meaning they define my remarkable creativity.”

The 26-year-old designer said research had enabled him to transform his brands in order to keep up with changing trends.

“Uniqueness is what inspires my designs. I feel that people need to feel different, paving their own styles. I am always ahead of the game in terms of what is trending in the fashion world which I modify to suit my definition,” he said.
Fashion Designer Targets African Market!
Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve
“I have managed to stay afloat in business as many people lack fashion consultants who can advise them on dressing and looking good in different body types. Everyone wants to be unique, but not everyone knows how to be exceptional.”

Just like in any trade, Nzeve said he had also encountered several problems chief among them clients who fail to pay for their orders.

“It is disappointing how some clients with big names do not pay for the clothes you make for them, especially these days where there is short supply of good quality materials,” he said.

“Another challenge has been lack of appreciation by local shops since as a designer the desire is to have endorsement of our designs from those big local brands.”

Apart from designing, Nzeve has also hosted fashion shows such as Battle of Up-and-coming Designers (2019) and The Emerge (2018).

He has also dressed Mr Zimbabwe (2020) finalists in the first category of Casual and Streetwear and also participated at The Fashion Gala (2019) .

Some of the celebrities he has dressed include dancehall singers Guspy Warrior, Dhadza D, the late hero Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa, Juntal and his Afro Mix band, Pastor Olinda on her music videos and Ti Gonzi for his stage, red carpet events and videos.
Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve
Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve
Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve
Jerome Wear, Michael Lionel Nzeve

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